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Everything Cheeze Cauliflower Wings

These are vegan, gluten free, soy free, and SO delicious.

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 30 Minutes

Total Time: 40 Minutes


1 Small head of cauliflower (~ 3 c. of florets)

~3/4 c. Everything Cheeze

1/2 c. Unsweetened almond milk (or another plant milk like oat, cashew, almond, or coconut)

1 tbsp. Arrowroot powder (or another thickener like cornstarch or tapioca flour)

1 tbsp. Follow Your Heart Vegan Caesar Dressing

1 tbsp. Sriracha


1) Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

2) Wash and chop a small cauliflower head into medium size florets.

3) Combine 3/4 c. of unsweetened almond milk and 1 tbsp. of arrowroot powder in a medium size bowl and whisk the ingredients together.

4) Add the cauliflower florets to the milk mixture. Stir in the florets. Make sure each floret gets completely saturated with the mixture.

5) Measure 3/4 c. of Everything Cheeze into a medium size bowl. Lay a medium baking sheet next to the mixture. Begin taking each floret and dipping it into the Everything Cheeze. Use a spoon to coat the floret with Everything Cheeze and then transfer it to a baking sheet. Continue this process until all of the florets have been coated with Everything Cheeze.

6) Bake the cauliflower at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

7) While the cauliflower is baking combine 1 tbsp. of Follow Your Heart Vegan Caesar Dressing and1 tbsp. of Sriracha in a small side bowl. Use a fork to stir the dipping sauce together well.

8) Option to broil the cauliflower after it has cooked for 30 minutes. If you do broil the cauliflower set a time for 1 minute. Broiling can burn your food extremely quickly if you are not paying attention. Keep checking on the cauliflower every 30 seconds to 1 minute and remove it from the oven when it looks even more golden.

9) Serve the cauliflower warm with the dipping sauce. Enjoy!

Serving Size: 2-4

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