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Summer 2022 Farmers Market Schedule

Come Visit Us!

June - October

The Farmer Foodie will be selling our delicious Everything Cheeze at seven Boston based Farmers Markets this season.


6/11 Natick (Sat 9am-1pm) ✅

6/16 Melrose (Thurs 1-6pm) ✅

6/18 Ashland (Sat 9am-1pm) ✅

6/23 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm) ✅

6/25 Natick (Sat 9am-1pm) ✅

6/30 Melrose (Thurs 1-6pm)


8/1 Central Square (Mon 12pm-6pm)

8/3 Brighton (Wed 2-6:30pm)

8/4 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm)

8/5 Copley Square (Fri 11am-6pm)

8/6 Natick (Sat 9am-1pm)

8/15 Central Square (Mon 12pm-6pm)

8/18 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm)

8/25 Melrose (Thurs 1-6pm)

8/27 Ashland (Sat 9am-1pm)

8/31 Brighton (Wed 2-6:30pm)


10/1 Natick (Sat 9am-1pm)

10/4 Copley Square (Tues 11am-6pm)

10/6 Melrose (Thurs 1-6pm)

10/8 Ashland (Sat 9am-1pm)

10/12 Brighton (Wed 2-6:30pm)

10/13 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm)

10/15 Natick (Sat 9am-1pm)

10/20 Melrose (Thurs 1-6pm)

1027 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm)


7/2 Ashland (Sat 9am-1pm)

7/6 Brighton (Wed 2-6:30pm)

7/7 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm)

7/8 Copley Square (Fri 11am-6pm)

7/9 Natick (Sat 9am-1pm)

7/14 Melrose (Thurs 1-6pm)

7/16 Ashland (Sat 9am-1pm)

7/18 Central Square (Mon 12pm-6pm)

7/20 Brighton (Wed 2-6:30pm)

7/21 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm)

7/22 Copley Square (Fri 11am-6pm)

7/23 Natick (Sat 9am-1pm)

7/26 Copley Square (Tues 11am-6pm) 

7/28 Melrose (Thurs 1-6pm)

7/30 Ashland (Sat 9am-1pm)


9/1 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm)

9/3 Natick (Sat 9am-1pm)

9/6 Copley Square (Tues 11am-6pm)

9/8 Melrose (Thurs 1-6pm)

9/10 Ashland (Sat 9am-1pm)

9/14 Brighton (Wed 2-6:30pm)

9/15 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm)

9/17 Natick (Sat 9am-1pm)

9/22 Brighton (Wed 2-6:30pm)

9/29 Belmont (Thurs 2-6:30pm)

Thank You

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to us! Please feel free to shop via eateverythingcheeze.com.

What Our Customers Say


Kate Minifie

"We love having a bag of Everything Cheeze in the fridge! A simple vegan cheeze sauce is all it takes to get our one-year-old to eat her vegetables and we love to sprinkle it on everything from pizza to salad!"